I am BACK! ^^

Hey guys,

im sprry for leaving this site for such a long time. BUT i have decided to come back to running this site! So, please watch out for FLOOD of updates and new shows ^^. It was very heartwarming for me to see that even though I took a break from this site, there were still MANY people come everyday for updates and new episodes. Seeing that made me feel so bad :(… So im paying you guys back with new shows and the most recent episodes of the most popular variety shows.

New shows/updates that will be posted:

The Romantic and Idol ( OMG! Im obsessed with this show!!)

Hello Baby Season 6 with B1A4

1N2D S2 ( from where I left off till the latest episodes)

We got married with the 3 new couples ^^

Lets Go Dream Team II

Shinhwa Broadcast ( from where I left off until the very recent episodes)


Please anticipate AWESOME shows and episdoes in the very near future! and Thank you for your support!




Sorry for the hiatus….

As you guys might alreay know, i havent been updating this site for a few weeks now, mainly because of the lack of time. But i came on today and saw that many people visited the site regardless of the lack of new shows so Ill be making a “comeback” soon LOL. I will update shows and stuff I missed. I think i will uodate Running Man episodes first, from Ep 95 until now. So let me know which shows you want me to update first and how you thought of my hiatus?